One Voice For Children

One Voice for Children

In addition to the six GFWC Community Service Program Areas- Art, Conservation, Education, International Outreach, Public Issues, and Home Life – the GFWC Juniors also have a Juniors Special Project. GFWC Florida Juniors voted to create the slogan, “One Voice for Children” as their state continues emphasis on community service for the sake of children. “One Voice for Children” projects are selected based on their ability to have a positive impact on the lives of Florida’s children.

Some examples of “One Voice for Children” projects we’ve done in the past include:

  • Hosting holiday parties for children at a local safe house
  • Making treat bags to be given to children at a local soup kitchen
  • Donating money to KidsPACK to provide food for children to eat on the weekends
  • Planting pinwheels to raise awareness for Prevent Child Abuse Florida

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